What our clients are saying…

Working with Michelle provided an opportunity to truly understand myself even better. The feedback provided as our journey started after our first meeting continued to help beyond any expectation I started with. Michelle provides the support, services, and will help guide you to the next level in your career path and allow the opportunity to truly understand your Brand. I would highly recommend reaching out to Michelle.
D. Soukup

Regional Sales Manager

I accepted a position to be the next COO at a private equity owned company. They wanted someone with sales and operational skills which is exactly what you helped my resume convey. Also, the opportunity came from one of the recruiting firms on the mailing list you provided. I love my new job and have you to thank for it!

A. Kulkarni


Thank you for everything. I’m pleased with the tangible results. An unexpected result was the added confidence and self esteem I gained. You’ve helped me greatly.

D. Nelson

Executive Assistant

The Savvy Search Advantage program is the foundation you’ve never taken the time to build – the professional brand identification, resume, Ll profile, and job search strategy are true differentiators. All through my job search, Michelle and her team were available and their insights gave me an edge. My confidence and optimism reached new heights. I am forever changed as a professional presenting my differentiators as an executive in the marketplace.

N. Keane


My resume and Linkedin profile are great. I had an interview last week and the hiring manager loved my resume. I’ve been getting way more calls from recruiters since we made the changes. Thank you again.

E. Slaunwhite

I got a job offer! I couldn’t have done it without your help!

C. Henderson

Sr. Software Engineer

When I worked with Michelle, I wanted to pursue an IC role. Michelle tried convincing me I was selling myself short and should pursue a leadership position. Well, I pursued both and landed a role as a director! It’s a great opportunity with a great organization that appreciates me for me. I cannot thank Michelle for her coaching and help and guidance with my resume, Linkedin profile and cover letter.

R. Schlatterbeck

Sales Director

I accepted an offer with a great medical education technology company with a big presence in Europe. Great company, opportunity and doing exactly what I was doing while at my previous employer. I will get all the benefits I was after, and a significant sign on bonus! Still pinching myself…Want to say HUGE thanks for your help. I really believe deconstructing my resume, you created a better product, Marie 2.0

Marie G.

Sales Manager

Michelle is an expert in all things branding opening her clients’ minds and enabling them to see their true value.

P. Horning

Sales Professional

I ended up with two matching (financial) offers. I was able to increase compensation on multiple levels (base + variable + equity). Thank you again so much for your help and input on how I positioned myself via my professional branding. I followed your guidance and emphasized elements of my branding when sharing impact stories during interviewing to emphasize what firms would be getting with me.

B. Walby

You were an excellent career consultant to work with. I appreciated your honesty and guidance when I had questions or was in doubt about how to handle specific situations that arose. I have spoken quite fondly about your services with some of my friends and will definitely recommend you to those who are looking for career assistance.
J. Gates

Software Engineer

I know no one better at resume writing. Even professional writers and marketers were unable to capture the essence of my personal brand and communicate it so clearly. I am very happy with my new resume. It speaks volumes about my unique strengths, quantifies my past achievements, communicates my value proposition and represents my personal brand.
T. Wick

Realtor & Development Consultant

You did an exceptional job and my resume. I got multiple interviews with pharmaceutical companies and was able to land a job at the number one pharmaceutical company within the ocular health arena.
M. Fithian

Sales Professional

I have been totally satisfied working with you and with your resume writing abilities. I used the resume as soon as I received it and already have received two interviews, with a strong possibility of being hired from one of the interviewers. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.
S. Casper

Recently retired military transitioning to the private sector

I was impressed by your great follow-up questions based on my unique experience as a recent engineering graduate. You made significant improvements to my old resume. When I read my new resume I even want to hire me. That was not a feeling I got from my old resume. I would highly recommend your services to any software, electrical, or mechanical engineer.
P. Rohr


You helped give me confidence to get out here and find my way!
S. Dawson

Stay-at-home mom transitioning to the marketplace

A big thank you to you though, because I took the cover letter you sent me and changed it just a bit to fit the job description/person I was sending it to. The editor said he had received over 80 applications for the job and barely read to the bottom of most cover letters, but mine stood out and he felt he needed to call me right away!
B. Carson


You were excellent!!!! So kind, caring and attentive. This really helped me during a very critical time in my professional career. I would recommend your services to any of my colleagues and friends. Thank you Michelle for all your help!
K. Brown

I.T. Project Manager

Working with you was a tremendous asset in my job search. I am in the process of trying to break into a new field, and with your help, I was able to completely rework my resume so that it was more concise and illustrative of my professional strengths. I ended up reaching the final round of interviews on the first job I applied for with my new resume. I had never experienced that level of success before. I was especially impressed with the collaborative approach you took in working with me. I highly recommend your services to anyone that is looking for employment.
T. Cornelious

Teacher/Education Consultant/Higher Education Professional