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We’re Different

At RT&M Group, we meet the outplacement needs for businesses facing strategic lay-offs of mid-level and senior-level leaders. We differ from other outplacement services providers in that each participant develops a customized plan with their coach and resume writer for how they want to most effectively utilize the services. We do not have one-size fits all programs for our corporate clients or the participants. Our career coaches and resume writers are fully invested in the participant feeling empowered and confident about the steps they need to take to jump-start their job search.

We don’t like the term Outplacement Services. We prefer to call them Next Step Services. We focus on the positive from day one.

Professional Outplacement Services
Professional Outplacement Services

Our Goal is Two-Fold

We seek to provide solutions that work best for the companies transitioning employees to mitigate potential problems and keep morale high among the remaining staff. Secondly, and equally as important is our goal to produce exceptional, strongly branded resumes and LinkedIn profiles and relevant, meaningful, customized coaching to each participant.

We work with individuals one-on-one in order to smoothly transition them from the immediate shock of being laid-off to being a prepared and confident job seeker. Everything we do is aimed to focus the individual’s energy toward the future, not the past.

Essential Deliverables

♦ Coaching and techniques for coping with the initial layoff

♦ Renewed confidence and skills to navigate the job market

♦ Encouragement and accountability for putting the necessary effort in to secure a new job

Our Packages Include

♦ Initial counseling and advice for coping with job transition

♦ Identification and development of a unique personal brand

♦ Custom written resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile

♦ List of employment references to complement resume

♦ High-quality templates for introductory emails and thank you notes

♦ Coaching on effective utilization of the LinkedIn platform

♦ Face-to-face and phone coaching on practical job search tips

♦ Mock interview with critique and recording for reviewing

♦ Resume distribution to recruiters

♦ Situational and ad hoc advice through the first four months of the job search

Don’t see an option that fits with your company’s transitioning staff? We will work collaboratively with you to design a program that best suits your needs and delivers exceptional content and materials for each individual.

Professional Outplacement Services

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