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Rent a professional resume writer and get one-on-one advice and guidance to help you maximize your career potential.

An unorganized resume that fails to tell your story can:

lead to lower-level roles

cause you to miss out on dream job opportunities

cause snap judgments by recruiters

kill your confidence

Your resume plays a crucial role in advancing your career, but it takes time, effort, and a strategic vision to stand out from thousands of applicants.

Is consulting with a professional resume writer worth it?

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Writing your resume on your own can feel frustrating.

  • Are you describing yourself correctly?
  • Are you missing important points that recruiters look for?
  • Are you quantifying your achievements?
  • Does your resume speak to the positions you’re targeting?
  • Is your formatting appealing or does it look like a DIY resume?

We turn that frustration into excitement.

Our resume writers come with years of experience in hiring and helping job seekers stand out in a crowded marketplace. During your consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to dig into your resume’s format, keywords, identification of accomplishments, and more while learning the ins and outs of how recruiters and hiring managers read resumes.

rent a resume writer

When you rent a resume writer, you learn how to position yourself for your dream role and you gain an insider’s perspective on the hiring process so you know what to expect.

Rent-A-Resume-Writer (RARW) Package: $395

Recruiter-Approved, Formatted Resume Template

Like it or not, recruiters and hiring managers make snap judgments about you when they see different fonts, unexplainable font sizes, big spacing gaps, etc. We’ve taken care of that for you by creating simple, recruiter-approved templates to take the frustration out of formatting your resume.

45-Minute Recorded Conversation

During your consultation, your professional resume writer will walk you through:

  • Any important missing information
  • Ideas for how to integrate quantifiable information
  • How to better speak to the positions you’re targeting
  • How to reduce content while reinforcing your core message
  • Questions a recruiter would ask if they looked at your resume
  • Grammar corrections and format suggestions
  • Suggested edits you implement on your own
  • Discussion about professional branding if time allows
  • Constructive advice about resume writing and the job search

Follow-Up Review Session

Your resume writer will be available within 48-72 business hours from your RARW consultation for a follow-up session to review your work and give any final tips. Once you’ve made your edits, our proofreader will review it, instilling you with confidence that your resume is polished and ready to go.

A Budget-Friendly Way to Level Up Your Resume

For $395, you not only get to consult with a resume writer with years of insider knowledge of the hiring process but will also have a recruiter-approved template to work with along with a follow-up review session to proofread and finalize your resume.

Worried you might forget all the tips and tricks your resume writer shared with you? We’ll send you a recording so you can refer back to your consultation at any time and feel confident implementing the suggested changes that will make your resume stand out and land you those dream interviews.

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Which is right for you?

If you’re looking to refresh your resume for a low cost, we recommend starting with the Rent-a-Resume-Writer service. Not only will you get detailed feedback and advice from a professional resume writer, but you’ll have a recruiter-approved template you can use to edit and build out your new resume.

If you decide to upgrade to a full resume, you can apply $75 of your investment towards the purchase of your resume.

How to Get Started

Step 1

Schedule your consultation

Step 2

Send us
your resume

Step 3

Fill out a quick questionnaire

Step 4

Send us 3-4 ideal job postings

Step 5

Call in for your consultation

What Happens Next

professional resume writing help

1. Update your resume using your new, professional template with the advice given by your resume writer.

2. Schedule a follow-up session to review your chances one-on-one with your resume writer.

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