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Nobody does what you do
the way you do it.

If you’re reading this, you might be feeling any of the following:

  • You might find the idea of self-promotion, especially during the job search, distasteful.
  • You don’t know where to start weaving together your career narrative into a compelling story.
  • Your belief that you are an authority, well-versed and credible, different from your executive peers has waned due to a toxic culture or a lousy boss.
  • You may have made it this far in your career without ever having to take stock of all that you’ve accomplished and pull it all together into a fascinating narrative that sells your value.
  • You are sick and tired of feeling powerless in your job search and want to shorten your search.

Whatever brought you here…I’m glad you’re here.

Through my own experience with these very same issues and working with thousands of clients on their career messaging and job search, I’ve identified some keys to making the process of identifying your brand and leveraging it to attract the right opportunities easier, more comfortable and effective. I’ve also refined a method of shortening your job search by putting you in control with a strategy that works.

If you’re an action-taker who doesn’t make excuses and knows you’re ultimately responsible for your own success, I invite you to schedule a short career message assessment and consult session with me so I can assess your career and your messaging and I will give you some direction on how best to get to that next level.

This is not a sales call. It’s an opportunity to get ideas from an expert who has worked with thousands of clients on their messaging. If I can be a spark that motivates you to take charge of your career, let’s do this.

Expert guidance throughout your entire job search. Peace of mind until you hear “You’re hired.”


“I received instant feedback stating the resume and cover letter were great. I was very pleased with the results and timing from start to finish. I highly recommend Michelle and her team.”

D. Gaulin, Chief Risk Officer

“It was a pleasure working with RT&M Group. My resumes turned out great. I would highly recommend this company.”

D. Cassidy, Sales and Customer Service Leader

“RT&M Group did a great job writing my resume and creating a great LinkedIn page. Not only were the service and product great, but the experience was very rewarding.”

O. Cicerone, MBA, Chief Operations Officer

“This is fabulous! Has me excited to be me! I appreciate you!”

A. Smith, Realtor

“I was very impressed with the entire process and couldn’t have been happier with my resume. There is no doubt that choosing RT&M Group was the difference maker.”

J. Nader, Executive Chef

“Totally worth the time and money, 100%! My resume writer really took the time to understand me personally and my career goals. A great final product is achieved but also a good exercise in thinking about current and past accomplishments. I would recommend RT&M Group for anyone looking to start a career or move their existing career to the next level.”

J. Mathews, Implementation Specialist

“My resume and LI profile are great. I had an interview last week and the hiring manager loved by resume. I’ve been getting way more calls from recruiters since we made the changes.”

E. Slauwhite, Pharma Account Manager

“I’ve been contacted by so many employers and have had some great offers, all thanks to you!”

W. Williamson, B2B Account Manager, Automotive Parts Distributor

“I feel very optimistic about my job search. I’ve seen a spike in interviews and emails from employers since you updated my resume”

T. Settelmayer, Marketing Professional at Digital Marketing Start-Up

“I wanted to thank you. I sent my resume out a week and a half ago. I ended up in a battle between two potential employers and have finally accepted one of the offers. I just rec’d a 30% increase with my new position!”

J. Belfor, Professional taking the next step up in her career

Get recognized for what you do through every step of your job search and once you start your new job.

Service Levels

Which Option Is Right For You?

The Savvy Search Advantage (TM): Fast Track to Your Dream Job

Get clear on your messaging, increase your confidence, increase your comp and shorten your job search with our signature career coaching program. It’s time to move into a career that is mentally, emotionally and financially satisfying.

  • Brand Identification
  • Resume, LI profile & Cover Letter
  • Networking Strategy
  • Salary Analysis
  • Job Leads
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Interview Prep
  • Job Offer Negotiations
  • Unlimited support until you hear, “You’re Hired.”
  • So much more we can’t list it all here…

Done-For-You Resume Writing Service

  • Introductory consultation with Michelle
  • 1:1 call to identify professional brand & career accomplishments
  • Final resume delivered within 5 days as Word, PDF and ASCII documents
  • Three month check-in – Resume Reflection Session

Done-With-You Resume Writing Service

  • One-on-one consult with a professional resume writer
  • Recruiter-approved formatted resume template
  • 45-minute recorded conversation with detailed resume feedback & suggestions
  • Follow-up review session


Influence how others see you in the job search and when you join the company.

rent a resume writer

Take charge of your job search with an effective strategy, outstanding self-marketing documents and a strong career message that gets you the attention you deserve and takes your career to the next level.

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