Hi, I'm Michelle Peters.

I educate, equip and encourage executives and industry leaders to understand the delicate balance between self-promotion and sucking all the air out of the room throughout the job search process.

My clients launch successful job searches and land jobs more quickly than the average job seeker by leveraging their professional brand to share their value proposition with grace and confidence.

What led me here?

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I struggled with these very same issues. I noticed that my clients struggled with them, too.

After working with thousands of clients on their career messaging and job search, I identified some keys to making the process of identifying their brand and using it throughout every phase of their job search strategy easier, more comfortable and effective.

AND I got sick and tired of my clients feeling like they were at the mercy of cavernous career portals fighting to have their resumes seen and languishing in drawn out job searches.

Every one of my clients is uniquely AMAZING and I love helping them see what they bring to the table that sets them apart.

I also love seeing my clients shift from simply applying for positions to executing the right actions to land their dream job faster.

Whether you:

  • Find the idea of self-promotion distasteful, especially during the job search...
  • Don’t know where to start weaving together your career narrative into a compelling story…
  • Struggle to believe that you’re an authority, well-versed and credible, has been battered by a toxic culture or a lousy boss…
  • Have made it this far in your career without ever having to take stock of all that you’ve accomplished and need to pull it into a fascinating narrative that sells your value…
  • Are sick and tired of feeling powerless in your job search and want to take control and learn the tactics that will shorten your job search…
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I invite you to take the first step and schedule a career consultation and career message assessment.

Our Commitment to Our Clients


We are committed to excellence in every client interaction. We act with the highest integrity and honor any and all promises we make to you.

Respect & Understanding

We are committed to treating you as we would want to be treated. That means we  treat you with respect and understanding.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement by pursuing new educational opportunities to further our knowledge of the industry.

This extends to our corporate clients as well.

It is our goal to come up with an outplacement package the makes the most sense for your particular situation and serves your departing team members best. We consider it an honor to work with each and every one of our clients and value your trust and partnership.

There are No Coincidences

We believe it is not an accident that you have landed on this website or have chosen to move forward with Savvy Career Pros(e). Therefore, we take your trust seriously and work to ensure your satisfaction throughout your experience with Savvy Career Pros(e).

We want our clients to be empowered, inspired and encouraged after interacting with Savvy Career Pros(e). Embarking on a job search journey or creating a plan to strategically advance your career can be stressful. We understand and consider it a privilege to pray for each and every client as we’re working on their products and after they have started their job search. We answer to God in all our transactions and seek to minister His love to our clients by providing hope, inspiration and encouragement with customized guidance, exceptional self-marketing tools and responsiveness. You mean something to us, and we will seek to make sure you always know that you’re a priority.

Let's see if I can be the catalyst to helping you land your dream job faster.