Resume Regeneration Services

What We’re Good At

We want to be a resource to you in your job search. You’re more than a transaction to us.

Career Coaching

Work with one of our career coaches on identifying a new career, positioning yourself to win in your job search (30 second message, salary negotiation, etc.) and intensive interview preparation.


Work collaboratively on defining your personal brand and developing a resume that reinforces your unique value with accomplishment-rich bullet points.

Professional Branding

Our career services are unique in that we make professional branding an integral part of your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. We take pride in telling your story and communicating your value to potential employers.

LinkedIn (LI) Profiles

Includes development of your LI profile that aligns with market expectations and is written with a personal, conversational tone that emphasizes your professional brand, incorporates key words, data and other information that recruiters and hiring managers look for in LinkedIn searches.

Cover Letter and/or E-Notes

Compelling, targeted cover letters or e-notes for email purposes. Get a cover letter that concisely and eloquently tells the reader why they should look at your resume.

Job Market Research/Lead Generation

No time to search on your own?

Let us use our insiders’ perspective, connections, resources and time to provide additional momentum as you kick off your job search with introductions, job leads and insight into the current job market for the roles you’re seeking.


Resume Distribution

We will email your resume and cover letter to recruiters and/or private equity companies based on your selected criteria. We will provide a list of the recruiters and PE firms we send your resume to so you can easily follow up.

Mock Interviews

One hour mock-interview to work on answers to tough interview questions. Client receives MP3 of the interview to review critique, tips and strategies discussed during the mock interview session. Maximum one hour.

30-Second Message Development

Work with one of our career services professionals on creating a succinct, clear and memorable answer to the question. “What do you do?”

You’ll learn how to weave your professional brand into your statement, avoid integrating unnecessary details and jargon and how to make it interesting.


Do you know you the value of a good reference? It can enhance the way a potential employer sees you which increases your value and makes you more desirable which can translate into a better offer all the way around. Take time with your references. Don’t throw away an opportunity to reinforce what you’ve worked hard to convey during the interview process. We’ll format your references to match your other documents, work with you on choosing the best references and make sure a potential employer understands why you included this person as a reference before they even call.

LinkedIn (LI) Optimization Sessions

A consultative, training session on effective utilization of the LinkedIn platform. Make sure you are getting the connections, introductions and opportunities you desire by learning all the tactics and best practices that will ensure you stay top of mind with your connections and attract the right kind of attention on LinkedIn, one of the most powerful resources for the job seeker.


Resume Tailoring or Updating

Resume Tailoring or Updating (for previous clients only).