What Should You Write About on LinkedIn?

What Should You Write About On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a place to begin the KNOW – LIKE – TRUST progression necessary to establish mutually beneficial business relationships. As many of you who have spent time with me in LinkedIn optimization sessions know, LinkedIn can be a great place to create professional credibility and draw the attention of key decision makers, recruiters, hiring managers or clients. You can accomplish this by demonstrating thought leadership. Easier said than done, I know. Being in an industry that is well represented on LinkedIn I struggle to develop content that is original and worth posting as well.

Here are some suggestions for writing on LinkedIn to demonstrate that you are a thought leader.


LinkedIn is a place to demonstrate thought leadership.


Identify problems or challenges the companies or consumers you are targeting are having. Think about short-term and long-term problems. What kind of solutions or strategies would you develop to resolve these problems or tackle these challenges?

Analyze the problem. Establish pros and cons for your proposed solutions. Give examples from your own experience. Sometimes it is helpful to remember the Problem Action Result (PAR) format I encourage during my resume strategy and LinkedIn strategy interviews. What problem did you face? What action did you take? What was the result?

You can easily put together a five paragraph article using the ideas above. Once you’re written your solution in the form of an article you can post on LinkedIn in the Pulse section. Don’t forget to optimize your groups and post there as well. Draw as much attention to yourself as possible.



What emerging trends are relevant to the industries, companies or clients you are targeting? Not sure? Do some research. Do you have thoughts about these trends? What value do these trends bring to the industry? How might they detract, distract or hurt the industry, companies or clients you’re focusing on? How can these companies or consumers prepare to take advantage of these trends?

Again write what you know. If you have an experience about preparing for a trend, talk about how you and your team prepared for it, avoided it or how you capitalized on the trend.


Again considering the industries, companies or clients you are targeting, identify key events that are making the news, e.g., product launches, new technologies, mergers and acquisitions, etc. Now analyze this news story. Someone has already written on a subject, give us your educated and knowledgeable two cents on the article.

Why is it newsworthy? How might this impact the industry? What problems do you foresee? What positives might be associated with this event? Does it highlight a bigger trend in the industry?


There are all kinds of things to write about to establish yourself as a thought leader. I always say that I am SUPER impressed by my clients. I learn so much about them in the course of writing their resumes, LinkedIn profiles or other self-marketing documents. My clients know a lot. They’ve accomplished a lot. They are leaders. They are insightful and passionate. In addition to describing my clients, I described many of the people reading this article. That means you. You have a lot to share. Start making a plan for how to showcase the breadth of your knowledge and expertise to attract the right kind of attention on LinkedIn.

The best is yet to come,