One Way to Save Thousands on College Tuition

No Direction Equals Prolonged Undergraduate Education

According to a Time Magazine article entitled, “The Myth of the Four Year College Degree” in January 2013, fewer than 40% of students graduate in four years and nearly 60% graduate in six years. For students and parents that means more money spent on tuition than is necessary. Additionally troubling is that the student loses two years he/she could be earning money as a college graduate in the marketplace. A big reason why college education extends beyond four years is due to students not knowing what classes to take because they are not sure what to major in or what career to choose.



Save money on college tuition by participating in career identification exercises to identify the right career for you.

What do I want to be when I grow up?

Typically students are not coached or asked the right questions by their Career Counselors in high school or college to guide them into the right career path and help them with setting long-term career goals. Young adults end up asking themselves after graduation, “Why did I choose this occupation? This is not what I bargained for.” As a result disillusionment sets in and once that happens it can destroy all impetus to change careers and/or color their view of their future. Working through career identification exercises and assessments will help the high school or college student develop a career plan that suits them.

Help! I don’t like my career choice.

Even worse are professionals who have graduated college, perhaps invested in an advanced degree and/or have started to progress in their chosen field only to find out that they are not satisfied in their career. They feel like they were made to do something else but have no idea how to figure it out.

Much of this angst, frustration and extra tuition costs could be avoided by taking the time to take a career assessment and complete exercises to analyze and examine what excites you and aligns with your God-given strengths. Career identification will help you better understand your personality, strengths and what careers are best suited for you. Career Identification is a great way to determine what career pursuits align with your personality and interests; discover what careers might be a better fit than what you’re currently doing; or confirm what you’ve known all along – you would be more effective in a different role.



Asking critical questions will help put the puzzle pieces together to help you focus on a career that will be satisfying and fulfilling.

Ask. Answer. Analyze.

Here are some questions to ask as you begin examining what careers might be a good fit for you. Answer the questions and then analyze your answers for trends, key motivators, strengths, etc. Take your analysis and begin to identify careers that fit your analysis.

What do you love doing?
What does your ideal day look like?
What do others say you’re good at?
Have people ever said, “You should be a ….”
Are you willing to seek out and complete the additional education needed to make a switch?

Who Can Help?

I use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to aid clients in better understanding themselves. Then together we examine and discover other key variables (i.e. skills, values, abilities, interests, etc.) that can lay the ground work for pursuing a fulfilling career or transitioning to a new, satisfying career in which you can flourish. Email me or call 800-410-7508 to discuss how career identification might benefit you or your child.

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