Job Search Myth Busting – #1

Job Search Myths - Know the Truth. Propel Your Job Search.

Job Search Myths – Know the Truth. Propel Your Job Search.

The Myth of the Job Interview

A myth is a story with or without a determinable basis of fact that gains momentum and validity as time progresses. Myths sound logical or true. Without challenge or refutation myths can be perceived as fact or common knowledge or worse yet purported as truth. This can be a problem because myths associated with the job search  limit rather than propel the job seeker to finding their ideal job. Today I begin a series debunking job search myths in hopes that it enlightens, encourages and equips you to launch a job search strategy based in reality and fact rather than untrue, limiting myths.

Myth #1 – You’re a shoe in for a job if you meet all the qualifications & possess the right skill set.

Not necessarily. A job interview is about the chemistry between you and the interviewers as much as it is your qualifications. If you have chemistry with your interviewers there’s a good chance you’ll be called back for another interview and possibly offered the job.

An Exception to the Rule

One exception to this rule is if you were referred by someone internally whom the company values and respects. A personal referral is like a camera filter because of its ability to obfuscate minor imperfections or defects making a person appear more ideal.

The Bright Side

If you do not have chemistry, but you meet ALL the qualifications, have extensive relevant experience and an advanced degree, you will not be called back for another interview. Don’t feel bad about it. If your personality doesn’t mesh with the people you’ll be working with you’re better off not working there. Right? Right!

Brush yourself off and get ready for the next interview. Face it, you probably didn’t feel the chemistry either. Listen to your instincts, intuition, gut or pay attention to your observations. That company and you were not a good fit. You have saved yourself years of potential misery and discontent. Whew!

Bottom Line: Be Yourself

No matter what always be yourself. Don’t try and be someone you’re not. You won’t win people over by being a phony. Savvy interviewers are very good at detecting phonies. Being yourself got you this far. It will get you to that next job offer. Smile. Enjoying the people you meet and applying lessons learned from each interview will make you even more likeable and sharper for the next interview.

To your success,