Job Search Best Practices – Resume Length

How long should your resume be?

How long should your resume be?


Just as there are best practices in all industries and professions there are best practices you should apply to your job search. Many of them have stood the test of time. Here’s #1 in a 5 part series.

Your resume should be as long as it needs to be.

People will tell you there are hard and fast rules about the length of a resume. There are not. There are guidelines and considerations, but no hard and fast rules.

Concise, Compelling and Curtailed

Remember your reader when composing your resume. It is not necessary to cram it full of detail upon detail. Bottom line your information and make the format easy to read. Your reader is inundated with  resumes. Think about what is most important to convey to your reader so that (s)he just has to interview you.

I understand that editing your resume down to what is most important can be difficult. One question I ask myself when writing and editing resumes is, “Will including this information lead to an interview?” Or, “Will leaving this information out hurt my client’s chances of getting an interview?” That litmus test works.

For most resumes, two pages is enough and many can get away with a one page resume. It is okay to have a version longer than two pages, though. Some recruiting firms prefer them, but wait until asked for a longer version and send the 1-2 page resume first.

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