Job Search Best Practices #3 – Image isn’t everything, but it is A LOT!

What do you wear to an interview in a day and age when company dress codes are so laid back?

Dress the part when you are interviewing. Yes, many companies have very lax dress codes today. Does that mean you dress in a polo shirt and khakis for your first interview?! Heck no. You over dress. Show that you care. Try and get a feel for the company culture and dress code before the interview. When dressed up, people treat you better and you feel better unless you had to squeeze into some Spanx™ to fit into that skirt. But I digress. You will take the interview more seriously if you are dressed in a suit or something better than the standard dress code. And yes, this applies to Skype and phone interviews as well. Don’t underestimate the value of looking good. Looking good will both boost your confidence and instill confidence in the minds of your interviewers that you are the right fit for the job.