Embrace Your Brand to Ace Your Interview

Eliminate the butterflies. Gain the confidence you need to ace every interview answer.

Never feel unprepared for an interview question again.


Never struggle to show where you bring the most value.

Does the idea of a job interview tie you up in knots?


Job interviews can be excruciating if you feel unprepared or second guess yourself.


Our coaching program will replace the butterflies and uncertainty with confidence


teach you how to talk about yourself with ease.

We’ve sat on both sides of the interview table as interviewers and candidates.

We know what your interviewer is looking for.



Over the course of four sessions, you’ll transform from tongue tied to grace under fire.

You’ll gain:
⇒ The ability to determine what questions your interviewer will ask.
⇒ A method for seamlessly weaving your value proposition into your answers.
⇒ Confidence that you’ll nail the questions that have caused you trouble in the past.
⇒ The agility to respond eloquently to questions you didn’t expect.
⇒ An ability to deliver succinct answers with just the right amount of detail.
⇒  A cache of dazzling, memorable interview answers.
⇒ An ability to refine your message. ID your target. ID their pain point.
⇒ An ease with weaving your value proposition into your answers.
⇒ Guidance on how to follow up.


What you can expect:

⇒ Coaching to help you fine-tune your answers.
⇒ Unlimited email support between sessions.
⇒ Insights into the hiring process.


All of this for only



Add two sessions to work on salary negotiation for $500. Normally $300 each. Order now to receive a $100 discount.

⇒ Learn techniques for how to avoid revealing your salary expectations first.
⇒ Learn how to determine what the market is paying.
⇒ Learn other aspects of effective negotiation.
⇒ Practice.

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