Got the job offer! Careful. Is the company a good fit?



The sense of relief and excitement you feel after receiving a job offer can lead you to make a snap decision about a job that might not be the best fit. How do you maintain proper judgement and avoid jumping at the first job offer after a lengthy job search? Here are some tips to help you assess whether you and the company and/or the position are a good fit.

Take Your Time

It is easy to jump at the first thing that presents itself. Don’t. Desperation always leads to bad decisions. You’re in the driver’s seat now. Your waning confidence should be on an upward trajectory as your realize your spouse and parents were right.  You have the right stuff. A company wants you. You are great at what you do! All the more reason to take a step back and really evaluate the job offer.

Making a quick decision could mean you end up in a job you don’t like or even worse out of a job again because it wasn’t a good fit. It’s hard to explain short employment stints and consecutive job losses on a resume.

Pay Attention

Did you notice anything about the company throughout your interview process? Did you look up their financials? How did they do last year? What is their turnover rate? Did you notice that the office was quiet? If so and you are a social butterfly, you might be too extroverted for the culture. Did the employees seem enthused or passionate about what they do? Did you follow up on the claims the company made about itself during the interview process? You can do some of this due diligence on and other social media sites where employees review employers. Also, talk to people you know who work there. Throughout the interview process did it seem like the company was interested in what you could contribute or were they focused on only filling a position? If it is the latter and you want a growth-oriented position, press the issue during your interviews. All of these potential issues can be identified with thoughtful, careful questioning and observation throughout the interview process.


How does the job pay? Do your homework on salary before the first interview.,, and all have reliable salary information. Don’t accept a salary that undervalues your skills and experience. Read up on salary negotiation and be ready to negotiate. It is expected that you will. You won’t be happy if you settle.

Ask the Right Questions

When speaking with a client who is on the fast track to the C-suite recently, I asked him how he was going to determine if a potential employer shared his outlook on work-life balance. He had a great answer. He said he would ask the executives who interviewed him about their work-life balance to determine if they truly valued it. He did not say he was going to ask them what they thought about work-life balance because anyone can give you an answer you want to hear. He was going to ask them about their work-life balance because what a person does tells you more about what they value than what they say.

Taking this approach to a job offer will help you make the right choice for your career.

The best is yet to come,