J. Belfor

“I wanted to thank you. I sent my resume out a week and a half ago. I ended up in a battle between two potential employers and have finally accepted one of the offers. I just rec’d a 30% increase with my new position!”

T. Settelmayer

“I feel very optimistic about my job search. I’ve seen a spike in interviews and emails from employers since you updated my resume”

W. Williamson

“I’ve been contacted by so many employers and have had some great offers, all thanks to you!”

E. Slauwhite, Pharma Account Manager

“My resume and LI profile are great. I had an interview last week and the hiring manager loved by resume. I’ve been getting way more calls from recruiters since we made the changes.”

J. Mathews, Implementation Specialist

“Totally worth the time and money, 100%! My resume writer really took the time to understand me personally and my career goals. A great final product is achieved but also a good exercise in thinking about current and past accomplishments. I would recommend RT&M...