The Savvy Search Advantage

Fast Track to Your Dream Job

A transformational, modern, and easy system for developing, launching, and executing your job search strategy that you can customize to your needs.

If you are an aspiring executive or an ambitious professional and you’re tired of:

Spending hours tailoring your resume and sending applications only to get no response.

Wanting to transition to a new career but not knowing how.

A complex hiring process where you fight to be seen by recruiters.

Not getting the recognition you deserve in your current job.

Not having a structured job search strategy that works.

Not knowing how to share your value proposition in the job search.

I get it.

I’ve been there and so have my clients. That’s why I developed The Savvy Advantage, a modernized system for developing, launching, and executing your job search strategy.

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The Savvy Advantage

Accelerate Your Job Search. Sharpen Your Job Search Skills. Gain confidence.

Select the Savvy Search Advantage modules that will work best for you or go all in and choose the Savvy Search Advantage – Unlimited program.

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Career Identification - Career Transition Coaching


  • Four coaching sessions to discover what you want to do next in your career
  • Career assessment, homework, list of careers that align with your background
  • Guidance to help you plan how to launch a job search to transition your career
  • Total Investment – $1500
  • Optional Add-On to Savvy Search Advantage – Unlimited

It's All About You

  • Brand identification
  • Job Search Essentials – Resume, LinkedIn and cover letter development
  • 30-second message development
  • Investment Varies – $1550 – $2975
  • Included in Savvy Search Advantage – Unlimited

Identify, Connect & Share

  • Identify target companies aligned with your values
  • Create your networking strategy utlizing LinkedIn to find advocates within your target companies AND create a networking strategy leveraging your own network
  • Develop scripts geared to get you responses
  • Investment – $750
  • Included in Savvy Search Advantage – Unlimited
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  • Work with our premier job search coach and executive recruiter
  • Introductions and job leads
  • Salary analysis
  • Resume distribution to recruiters
  • Investment: $1000
  • Included in Savvy Search Advantage – Unlimited

Get Ready for Prime Time

  • Easy method for making yourself irresistible in job interviews
  • Mock interviews
  • Investment: $1500
  • Included in Savvy Search Advantage – Unlimited

Navigating the Offer

  • Learn how companies set salary info

  • How and when to share your expectations

  • Practice negotiating with your coach

  • Investment: $1125
  • Included in Savvy Search Advantage – Unlimited

Here When You Need Us

  • Family-level access to us
  • Call to talk about how your interviews went, what next steps are, what you should negotiate, and get advice. Whatever you need, we’re here to support you until you find your next job
  • Included only with Savvy Search Advantage – Unlimited
  • Not available for customized plans

You're Hired!

Congrats! Call us to celebrate!

Say goodbye to:

Feeling like you are at the mercy of potential employers

Not knowing how to crack the code to ensure your resume is seen

Job searches that start and stop because your confidence wanes

This could be you:

I’m going to be a VP! The work we did made me look amazing! I had two job offers – both VP! Amazing!
H. Seaholtz | Events Industry

I got a director position! My confidence grew working with you. I had a better understanding of my brand, value and accomplishments as well as being aware of the impact I could deliver.
K. Phillips | IT Director

I ended up with two matching (financial) offers. I was able to increase compensation on multiple levels (base + variable + equity). Thank you again so much for your help and input on how I positioned myself via my professional branding.
B. Walby | VP Data Analytics

What You’ll Get:

✅ A strong career message

✅ A job search method (Savvy Search!) that beats the average time it takes to find a job by at least four months

✅ A better-paying job

✅ A strategy that will get your resume in front of the right people

Resume distribution to recruiters across the country

✅ Job leads and introductions to people in your target companies or industry

✅ A method for sharing your value proposition in a way that makes people glad you shared

✅ Cutting-edge insights and guidance around every aspect of your job search strategy, including: networking, identification of ideal companies, job interviews, and negotiating the offer

How it Works:

We guide you through our step-by-step program.


Step 1

It’s All About You


Step 2

Identify, Connect & Share


Step 3



Step 4

Getting Ready for Prime Time


Step 5

Navigating the Offer


Step 6

Here When You Need Us

✅ You’re Hired!

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that we’ll work with you until you get a job. With so many variables and a competitive market, no one can tell you they can guarantee you’ll land within a certain time frame.

You don’t have to do your job search alone. You will always be able to tap into our expertise.

We’ll work with you on creative tactics and keep you engaged and focused, so you get a job as quickly as possible. We guarantee that your documents will be second to none and will boost your confidence so much that you’ll be ready to convince anyone why you’re the ideal hire.


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Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients are saying:

The methods you presented helped me see my career through a different lens and reshaped my thinking about how I will provide tremendous value at my next opportunity.
D. Soukup | Quality Manager, Tier 1 Automotive Supplier


The Savvy Search Advantage program is the foundation you’ve never taken the time to build – the professional brand identification, resume, Ll profile, and job search strategy are true differentiators. All through my job search, Michelle and her team were available and their insights gave me an edge. My confidence and optimism reached new heights. I am forever changed as a professional presenting my differentiators as an executive in the marketplace.

N. Keane| VP Clinical Operations

When we started working on my professional branding statement, I knew that this would have a positive impact on networking, job searches and overall career development.
L. McCarthy | College Career Services Director

If you are looking to work with someone who can effectively translate your experiences, passions and aspirations into a compelling story that effectively brands you, then Michelle is the person to call.
C. Williamson | Deputy Director

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