Be Memorable. How to Close a Job Interview.





My last post discussed how to deliver effective answers to interview questions. Now let’s focus on closing the interview.

How do you leave a final impression before closing the interview? I am going to lay another acronym on you – DART. Demonstrate – Ask-Remember-Thank.


Demonstrate that you understand what the job entails and that you are interested in the job. Tie the pieces together by declaring how your skills and experience are a good match for their needs.


Prepare three thought provoking questions, questions that will help you moving forward and/or determine if this job is a good fit or not.

Ask questions that indicate your interest in the company’s future.

Ask questions that project enthusiasm for the position.

Do not ask a question that could be answered via an internet search.

Here are some sample questions you could ask:

“How did I do?”

You want this feedback to help you do better in your next interview either with this employer or another. Ideally your interviewer will have some constructive feedback rather than insincerely, but politely saying, “You did great.”

“Do you have any reservations about my suitability for this job?”

Again you want to get a feel for what the interviewer is thinking about you. The answer will tell you whether or not you have a legitimate chance or are in the running for the position. Fail to ask this question and you might get the old, “We’ll let you know when we schedule the next round of interviews.” Or “We will be in touch.” These are merely polite ways of not letting you down in the moment. Skip the niceties. Asking this question never affected the likelihood of a job offer. Find out where you stand so you don’t waste your time.

“What are the next steps?” “When do you expect I can hear?” 

These question shows you are interested in the position and are good ways for you to get a time frame for when you might hear back from the company. Oftentimes people walk out of interviewers without a clue when they can expect to hear from the potential employer. Erase the mystery and ask. That way you’ll know when a good time to follow-up will be if you haven’t heard anything.


Recall key points made throughout the interview by the interviewer, points of commonality and reiterate why you are a good fit and/or the solution to the problem they’re facing.


Thank your interviewer warmly for their time. If you’ve ever been on the other side of the table doing the interviewing you know how draining it can be. Appreciate the time they took to get to know you and inform you about their company.

AND follow-up with a thank you note. Yes. Do it. It will reflect marvelously on you and your character. It is also another way to stay top of mind. I recommend either an email or hand written note.

To effectively close an interview, stay focused on Demonstrate-Ask-Remember-Thank. It will remove any awkwardness at the end of the interview as well as demonstrate a level of confidence and professional polish that will reflect well on you in the mind of the interviewer.

To your success,