The Advantages of Joining a Job Club

Joining a job club is a smart move and has its perks.


What is A Job Club and Why You Should Seek One Out?

More and more professionals are crediting job clubs to shortening their job searches, making invaluable contacts and gaining perspective on their job search. Job clubs are becoming popular among the unemployed. Members of a job club meet regularly to share job leads, critique resumes and/or cover letters and share job search tactics and insights among other things. Typically they can be found via the web, through libraries, community colleges, the chamber of commerce or through other job seekers.

A job club is a great way for professionals who may not get a lot of exposure to each other in the workplace to interact, learn from each other and assist each other in numerous ways as members could consist of C-suite executives as well as entry level professionals.

What Does a Meeting Look Like?

Typically members introduce themselves, give an update on their job search and ask for assistance in particular areas. This could be anything from interviews, job leads, resume help, introductions to people at companies or recruiters. Some job clubs are managed by members. Others are run and managed by job search experts, i.e. a career coach or resume writer.

Members of groups set deadlines or create reasonable assignments for each other to accomplish between meetings to encourage accountability. This way members truly benefit from the feedback they receive and continue to move forward.

It is rewarding to have a group of people with which to share your job search experiences and with whom you can mutually support in achieving success.

What A Job Club Is Not

A job club is NOT a place to complain about the job search or to wallow in self-pity or drag others into your despair. There is always a place to share disappointments, but keep it brief and ask the other members to help you brainstorm next steps to keep up your momentum.



Job clubs are also called networking groups. Let’s not forget the value of regularly getting out of the house and getting outside the vacuum of your own mind. Sitting in front of the computer applying for online positions is the least productive way to find a job. Not to mention sitting in front of a non-interactive computer can be draining. Nothing beats human interaction and connection especially when facing a challenge that can be daunting, confidence eroding and filled with lulls like a job search. Hearing other job seekers’ stories and experiences can alleviate any angst you may have that what you are experiencing is unique to you.

Opportunities to Learn from Experts & Improve Your Skills

Many groups will reach out to experts to come in and speak on topics related to the job search or career, e.g. a resume writer, personal branding expert, recruiter or life coach. A job club can be a great way to work on your personal branding and refine your messaging about what makes you unique and qualified for the positions you’re targeting. Sharing with the group, working on your presentation skills or running through a mock interview with someone to get the nerves out and fine tune your answers are other opportunities from which members benefit.

Wherever you are in your job search, even if you’re still employed, a job club is a wise move and can help you land your next position more quickly than you’d think. Don’t forget about the advantage of bringing others into your job search as well. The whole experience can be very rewarding and take some of the isolation and frustration out of job searching

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