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About RT&M Group

It’s important to know who you’re working with.

I started RT&M Group, originally Resumes Transformed and More, to address the greatest needs of the job seeker in the marketplace. It has turned into a passion. I wasn’t born a resume writer, but I became one in response to my clients’ needs. When working with coaching clients, I noticed that many of them experienced four major insecurities when it came to the job search.

  • They were daunted by the idea of writing self-marketing documents.
  • They had no idea how to talk about themselves or emphasize their value in the marketplace.
  • They didn’t understand what a good job search strategy should include.
  • Many were seeking change and didn’t know how to identify what would be a good fit and how to position themselves for a career transition.

As the business was getting established, I was contracted to work with other career services companies to provide career coaching and write resumes and LI profiles. Never one to rest on my laurels, I pursued additional education on resume writing and messaging. I was also mentored by master resume writers and executive recruiters. In the course of working with the clients of other companies, as a contractor, I consistently received the highest customer service scores.

I learned something about myself through the experience of working for other career services companies.

  • I loved delivering exceptional customer service.
  • I loved impactful messaging.
  • I loved helping people identify what set them apart from other professionals in the marketplace and leveraging that message to advance their careers. And I was good at it!

With a focus on personal branding for career advancement, utilization of the principles of marketing and writing content that engages the reader, RT&M Group delivers second-to-none self-marketing documents to our clients, documents that make them look as amazing as they are.

Today, we’ve grown to provide outplacement services for corporations transitioning employees out of the company.

We also offer a corporate personal branding program that helps companies cultivate greater employee engagement by leveraging their employees’ individual personal brands to gain greater alignment with the company’s mission and, in turn, hasten the achievement of corporate goals.

I’m excited you stopped here to read more. I’d love to talk with you and share more about how we can help you take the next step to advance your career.

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“We strive for excellence in all interactions with our clients and in the documents we produce. Our goal is to make you look as amazing as you are.”