A Free Resource Most Job Seekers Ignore

Use LinkedIn to optimize your job search strategy.

Use LinkedIn to optimize your job search strategy.

The Most Underutilized Tool in the Job Search

What if I told you there was a powerful tool that could accelerate your job search, open doors to new opportunities and connect you with some of the leading business leaders and thinkers? Would you be interested in obtaining this resource? Not sure? Would you be more inclined when I told you that it was free?! Of course you would! It’s the social media platform for professionals – LinkedIn™.

Just Having an Account is Not Effective Utilization of LinkedIn™

Sadly, a large percentage of professionals ignore this resource or underutilize it. Many of my clients, despite spending time and money to better understand LinkedIn or upgrade their profile, fail to utilize the site optimally and as a result many languish in the job search because of their lack of focus.

Why aren’t you actively trying to take advantage of catching the concentrated attention of recruiters by perfecting your profile and working on your professional image?

According to Bullhorn.com 97% percent of recruiters use LinkedIn™ to find talent for open positions and 64% only use LinkedIn™ to source talent. Wouldn’t it be nice to get back from lunch with a client or your boss to find a voicemail waiting from a recruiter who found you on LinkedIn™?

The likelihood that this will happen greatly increases with a beefed up LinkedIn™ profile as well as spending more time on LinkedIn™ participating in discussions, supporting your connections and posting content and updates.

Commitment Required

Let’s be honest, using LinkedIn™ effectively takes time as does the job search. But using the platform should be a mandatory tactic employed as part of any job search strategy or time dedicated to enhancing your professional image each day.

Enough with the excuses. You can spend 30 minutes a day on LinkedIn™ enhancing your professional image, learning and contributing.

Here are four things you can do today to begin to improve your LinkedIn™ profile and get more out of a resource that is free and full of business professionals, potential mentors, recruiters and other experts you can learn from.

1) Add a professional photo. Take down the selfie, vacation photo or black-tie event photo with your spouse cropped out and take a photo in business attire and post it.

2) Find two or three groups to join that are industry related, are “very active” by LinkedIn™ standards and join them.

3) Contribute to a discussion or start a new one in a couple of your groups. Participating in groups increases your profile views 4xs according to LinkedIn™.

4) Reach out to 3-4 first connections for introductions to second connections.

What have you done to distinguish yourself on LinkedIn™ this week?

To your success,